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IIM Lucknow


IIM Lucknow

From Battlefields to Boardrooms:

The Transformation of Defence Officers

The Defence General Management Programme (DGMP) at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIML) is a six-month journey that transforms Defence Officers into leaders ready for the business world. These officers, who have served their country with discipline, time management, nationalism and patriotism, now face the challenge of re-orienting their skills and attitudes for a second career post-retirement.

The stakes are high as top-tier companies come for the placement of the programme's graduates. But IIML, with the help of L2BC, was determined to show the world just how valuable these graduates can be to any company.

Shining Like Diamonds:The Unstoppable Power of Defence Officers

L2BC created a powerful video to showcase the incredible spirit of the Indian military and the rigorous training at IIML that takes these diamonds and polishes them to shine brighter in the business world. The video used footage of the Indian military to demonstrate the officers' selflessness, courage, and honesty. It then highlighted how IIML is helping them to shine even brighter in the corporate world.


The video was a huge success, and the graduates of DGMP received 100% placement, thanks to its impact. The message was clear: defence officers are not just soldiers, they are diamonds, and their skills and attitudes are exactly what any company needs to succeed.

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