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Why Should Junk Food Have All The Fun?

There is a popular perception of tasty food not being healthy. If we want to get fit, the first thing we have to give up is all the mouth-watery delicious food but lucky for us, Nutrivibe has come to the rescue. The idea of Nutrivibe is to provide healthy, affordable and delicious food for the fitness enthusiast. The cafe is located in Rohini, Delhi just near the market and metro. I was approached for overall branding, launching and increasing the day-to-day footfall in the cafe.

The Challenges Ahead

With popular healthy food chains like Subway already established, Nutrivibe faced a few challenges. A small physical space, low footfall and a particular niche demographic were some of the obstacles to overcome.


Fueling Fitness Goals

We divided the menu into pre and post-workout diets and made sure the cafe was open early to cater to morning fitness enthusiasts. The branding strategy was focused on both the target audience and the general public, with the tagline "good food, good vibe" to create a cafe atmosphere where people could enjoy a healthy meal and relax.


On the launch day, we created a buzz by inviting friends and creating a line-up outside the cafe, generating curiosity among potential customers. The cafe sold out by the evening, and we asked customers to leave positive reviews on Zomato and Google. We also introduced a customer retention strategy where customers who recommended the cafe to a friend would receive a free meal.


Thanks to positive word of mouth and satisfied customers, Nutrivibe received high ratings on Google (4.9), Justdial (4.5) and Zomato (4). The cafe is now a thriving business, and the cafe is thriving, providing people with healthy and delicious food options to fuel their fitness goals.

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